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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Chapter 1 2. Yandere Apollo x reader 3. Yandere Hades x reader 4. Yandere Male Artemis x reader 5. Yandere Cronos x reader 6. Yandere Eros x reader 7. Yandere Ares 8. Yandere Luke Castellan x reader. It was a small village.

It was known to worship the god Apollo. She was quite a rare thing. Only a few people have heard her but they say she had the voice that would make Apollo jealous. She loved to read and walk around town.

The men would lust over her as she passed them. The ladies would gossip. She had no mother but a wonderful father who was a local apple seller in the town. Once after a sacrificing to Apollo, the village went home to eat. As she was picking some beautiful red flowers she saw a little bee. She began to sing her own little song.The sunrise was just appearing over the snow-covered mountains when you finally reached your cabin, the orange light glinted off your keys as you pulled them out of your bag, before you let yourself pause for a second to appreciate the view in front of you.

Your village sat in the middle of a huge valley, peaked snow capped mountains surrounding it from every angle and because of your position in the Christmas Team, you were able to live in a cabin situated away from everyone else. Keep reading. I just completed the seducer. It's been a long I read a good mafia au. I love your work. Any estimate as when next chapter will be updated? Can i be tagged? You have such a good way of making relatable almost living characters!!!!!!

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I was wondering what happened to your New Myths series? The festive season can be one of complete chaos. Sometimes, however, somethings even more sinister await the season.

Nonetheless, no matter the chaos, the winter season can be filled with magic, delight, warmth and love. At the heart of it all, the festive holidays are about spending times with the ones you love - and who do we love, more than our favourite seven boys and the authors who bring us joy by writing for them? In celebration of the Yuletide, 12 of your favourite authors have gathered together to gift you presents in the form of BTS fics. We invite you to join us in the twelve days leading up to Christmas and even a little bonus on Christmas itself as we share some festive stories to bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your face and laughter to your life.

And every year, you hope to figure out the mysterious identity of your admirer. Getting to know him, you quickly find that your reputation as the resident scrooge may be in danger, and that Yoongi might just hate Christmas more than you do. That is until you cross paths with Kim Seokjin, captain of the ice hockey team, who is determined to get you back out on the rink and melt the ice in your heart.

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He is a rowdy baritone. Tired of your constant clashing, the director opts for giving you a duet as revenge. From the twelve of us, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you do not celebrate the season, then we wish you an incredibly Happy Holidays, filled with joy, laughter and love.

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The gymnasium reminded you of a previous life, basketball games with students cheering for friends and the exchanges of good luck kisses. The smell of sweat still lingered, however, it was now for a different reason. The gym was now a base for the resistance, it was a hub of activity for a different reason, to stay alive. Originally posted by hqseokjin. It exists!!

Just search a royal crush on my account or click the first tag under this post!! Welcome to the 12 days of Bangtan; presented by jamaisjoons In celebration of the Yuletide, 12 of your favourite authors have gathered together to gift you presents in the form of BTS fics. We sincerely hope you enjoy these stories, written and gifted with love.

ares x reader tumblr

Happy Holidays! So excited to be part of this amazing collab!!You were finally on the set, it was the second time you had watched your boyfriend work on set. The first one was with the boys, this time was for the cover of a magazine.

JImin had already told you the night before that it would have a lot of skinship. You told him it was fine and you could bear with it. He looked at you, unsure if you were really cool with it. But after reassuring him a thousand times, he finally said yes. The model was professional too.

Why would you be jealous? You really thought you would be cool with a female clinging onto Jimin. You looked at the model touching Jimin all over to get the pictures done. You were dying inside but you tried to put on a peaceful face. Not wanting to distract Jimin. Diverting his attention was the last thing you wanted to do.

You kept calming yourself by thinking happy thoughts. I saw you leaving the set. You were helping me. You huffed at his flirting attempt. The photo shoot went on smoothly before and after I left.

He stared at you confused through the mirror. You would usually laughed at his cheesiness but you were pouting with your brows furrowed. He pointed to your face through the mirror.

ares x reader tumblr

I can read you like a book. You looked away and crossed your arms. He rested his head on your shoulder and looked up at you cutely. You peeked at him through the corners of your eyes. When he saw you peeking at him, he scooted closer. His shampoo invaded your nostrils and you took a good whiff. It was a smell you love. You put a hand on his chest, trying to stop him from coming any closer. He nuzzled even closer as you backed away.Keep reading. Like what kinda yandere would an Aries be?

And so one so forth. No pressure though! Hey anon!

ares x reader tumblr

So to write these I consulted a website that just listed traits of all the signs, and hopefully I was able to get it mostly right? Yandere Aries are some of the most passionate yanderes there are- when they get an obsession, they dedicate themselves to it wholeheartedly right away.

Well, they can always make you spend time with them. Yandere Tauruses are definitely the kind to spoil their obsessions, showering them with gifts whenever possible. It has its benefits, too- whenever you need help, with anything, you can count on them being there for you, even if no one else is. In fact, best to avoid getting too close to anyone in general.

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Accidents are all too common. Yandere Cancers will be your most loyal supporter, always. They can take care of you better than anyone else ever could, they know it. Yandere Virgos watch their obsessions from afar for a long time before they even think about making a move.

They know everything about you, as far back as they could find information on you- they know your schedule, your family, all your preferences, everything, and they fully intend to use that information to their advantage- once everything is finally perfect for them to approach you.

Your beauty is probably what first drew them to you. Yandere Scorpios are very focused on their obsession and their plans on how to make them theirs, almost single-mindedly. They trust the people around you even less, and will work harder than any other yandere to isolate you from everyone else. They can figure out how to get what they want. You deserve it.

Capricorn Yanderes will struggle a lot with approaching their obsession. They want to give you the best life possible. Pisces Yanderes, like Capricorns, tend to be on the more submissive end of the spectrum though not always. They want to take care of you, however they can. Take part of their lunch. You only have to ask.

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They always seem to know exactly what you need. Originally posted by red-hoocl. Some people have tattoos, others have counters or red strings. You can feel the pain your soulmate feels. Any bruises or cuts they receive appear on your body.

That was the most common thing your soulmate had you feeling- though, it was usually at ungodly hours of the night.

ares x reader tumblr

You wondered what he could possibly be doing to have you waking up at three in the morning, fighting back a scream. Was he some sort of thug? Did he get into fights at three in the morning just because?Who kissed the other first? What was their first fight about? Who sleeps in the couch more often? Loki usually wakes up about an hour after this happens and moves them both to the bed.

Who drinks coffee and who drinks tea? He makes terrible coffee though.

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Who goes grocery shopping more often? Loki does not understand the concept of grocery shopping per se. No, no, lets just go out to eat. Then he learned he could make his own pancakes and it was game over. Kate usually has to go grocery shopping with Loki just to act as impulse control. Who brings breakfast in bed? Yeah boiiiii. Who sleeps first? Who watches the other sleeping? Kate tosses and turns a lot and winds up in very weird positions sometimes.

Who met the parents in law first? Kate met Odin. He hated her. Frankly, Frigga is the only parent Kate cared about. Comic Frigga? Who does the laundry? Loki just sort of…magics the bloodstains away. Who clean up the house?

Who washes the car? In heels? Yeah, probably. Who brings take outs? Who calls the other to ask if they want something from the street? Loki calls to see if Kate wants food, a scarf, a knockoff purse, a hot dog, a cool leaf, a stray kitten. Loki makes lots of plans. Who dreams about a big wedding?

Loki loves a show. Loki has a million ideas about the dresses they could wear. Who breaks the cups? Loki has broken one 1 cup and immediately magicked it back together and that was it. Who takes the other to the dance floor? Loki loves dancing and clubs. Who does the big romantic gestures?Request -Are you taking requests? Originally posted by kathmcnamara. You always had feelings for Betty but never told her.

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Thinking about it always make you get hard. You have told your friends about your sexual fantasy about Betty. She does have feelings for you also, she thought about it. You are daydreaming about Betty, you are imagining Betty sucking your cock and you eating her out. You start to get a boner then imagine using chains and whips on each other with Betty.

She put her hand your thigh once you felt Betty, touch your boner. You jumped and she just smiled. Lately, Betty has been teasing and its hard to avoid her. You went to the lake with your friends and you see Betty.

Everyone is busy playing in the water. She started to touch your chest, your body felt hot. She kept touching your chest then she lightly touched your cock. You moved away little bit. You and Betty rapidly went to the bedroom. You unite her top and she pulls down her bottom piece. You take off your swim trunks then you and Betty started to kiss each other. She walked towards her close and she takes out chains, handcuffs and whips. Your eyes opened wide.Your city was protected by you and had always been a peaceful city.

Many came there for refugee and was called a sanction city. You were merely stalling by talking to Ares though. You already knew of his plans and prepared your city for such a case. My people have been hungry for a fight. He loved when you got angry and agitated, it sparked more passion.

It angered him to think you cared so much about your little sanctuary. However, before he could say attack. An array of arrows flew out and started attacking his army. This angered him even further. You silently prayed for them to move into the afterlife safely as you saw the bloodshed before you. Ares grinned however as he saw your face harden.

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Of course he would never kill you, he just likes to play fight. You trained your people well with the help of Athena. The earth shook as you both went to fight. You throw back your ship and landed a hit on his arm, leavin you enoigh time to punch him in the face. Your eyes widened as Ares attempted to hit you back but you drew your shield to protect you. You put your weight on that leg and you put your shield close to his face.

Ares gave you sweet eyes. You always looked so beautiful on top of him. I am the sickness. Beg me for forgiveness. You snapped your eyes at your sanction city. You were off guard as Ares threw you on your back. You struggled against him, but the anger rising was dangerous.